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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Think about it...

I had to read this quote today to remember me, that imagination has no limits, and it can turn to reality...

That´s why they say never stop dreaming...!

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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Burberry‘s Fall 2014

Christopher Bailey traded Burberry‘s traditional plaid for boho flower motifs for his fall collection.

 Shearling jackets, trench coats, silk crepe dresses, scarves, toggle belts, handbags and booties were all drawn upon, free hand, with smudgy flowers and vines. It was all so beautiful and the styling was even better – with wool and cashmere blankets worn as shawls and long scarves draped around the body and cinched with belts.










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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Boots: Trend 2014

I love this boots I want ones..:) A lot of known brands are doing similar replicas.. they are really something!!!

Brand: Givenchy and Balenciaga



And if I canot have them, I also have to do a sort of replica...Check this tutorial:


 and another options according to the trends for 2014: the logo mania


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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Time for DIY: Tricot Necklace


To do this, I used a leather rope and following the basic technique of tricot, instead of using the needles you use the rope as structure.

After finishing that part, I cut three pieces in circle of a old knitted sweater and unites them overlapping, then sew and decorat with pearls...



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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Time for DIY: Jewelary

This days I wanted to do a necklace for myself, but i didn´t have money to buy a new one so I recycled...

I used old beads from others necklaces and i painted with spray and acrylic inks... Look the final result:

I will explain step by step, how I do it but it..

You need a wire with hook where you put the pearl, then you put inside the chain and turn the wire with the pliers.. and you repeat this process over and over, as you like...untill every holes in the chain are full with the pearls/wire with hook..


  Inspiration Zara & Chanel


I painted with gold spay the old beads, and then with acrylic after the spray dry, I painted with vivid colours like red and blue... then I puted them on a wire, and in the other example I  made a  black crochet thread.




To do this earrings, you just need one wire with hook (e.g., see picture above) to put pearl, in this case I used a big one, so to lock them I puted a little silver bead and them with the help of the pliers i attached to a silver plated earring hook. And it´s done!



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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

DIY Time: bags/clutch ideas

DIY: Print of Hermes on paper

They provide pdf shapes/molds; see tutorial at link:





Another idea is try this bag in leather, I will try to do and then I put step by step...

Unfortunately it only links to the blog, but it would be easy enough to figure out

If you want to find out more about this designer go to:



Another clutch I found out and that is very easy to do... Try, but before look the  tutorial at: 



Here some extra ideas...





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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Curiosity #This Old Thing Is Turning Heads#

This dress, which was on view at the Winter Antiques Show, offers a photographic tour of 1930s New York. 

Acording to new york Times: 


Perhaps the most captivating fashion statement this season in New York was not on the runway or the street, but at the Winter Antiques Show: a modest black and white vintage dress, in mint condition and priced at $135,000, displayed by Allan Katz Americana, that was vigorously photographed, shared on Instagram and Facebook, and pinned on Pinterest.

The design was simple, with cap sleeves, a V-neck and a long full skirt. There was a cloth belt and two small cherry-red Bakelite buttons. But it was the fabric that truly astounded. It was a dynamic photographic tour of 1930s New York City: Grant’s Tomb, the Automat, theEmpire State Building, illuminated marquees for a James Cagney movie, and signs for Planters Peanuts and Maybelline. In his catalog, Mr. Katz wrote, “The amazing manipulation and blending of these images create a surrealistic collage.”


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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Acessories for spring

Vans: Brighten up your  wardrobe with a dash of florals.













   Givenchy: The flower to sheer up your suit



Riviera: Classic and beautiful


Soludos: Soludos' best collaboration to date features four styles including this tropical palm tree prints



A mix of designers: handsome accessories










Charlotte Olympia: very famous for the shoes design and very creative in the design of cluch bag
















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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Paris Fashion Week






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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Hermès Fall 2014: No Embellishments Needed

The Inspiration: Comfortable luxury.

The Look: Impeccably cut pieces made for particularly beautiful outerwear this season at Hermes. So beautiful in fact that no embellishments were needed. Luxury is at its best when it has an ease to it and this season's Hermes collection offered fluidity with each look. Silhouettes were relaxed making for oversized coats and suits with menswear touches. In keeping with that, pants were straight-legged and slightly slouchy. A number of looks including long vests, dresses and coats came belted with delicate thin crocodile belts. Rounding out the collection were softly pleated long skirts, long knits, tops and jackets with silk scarves worked into their design and languid leather dresses.

Luxury at its simplest and finest.











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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Fall 2014: Gamme Rouge

Trends Fall 2014:

Brand:  Gamme Rouge

"On average, coats hovered around the knees, which were almost always clad in sport leggings, their cuffs sheer and ankle-baring. The mixing made all the difference; a champagne-hued Persian lamb coat ringed with a triple stripe of pylon-orange mink opened the show. Midway through, in the droll-meets-drab UPS uniform grouping, a crocodile front gave way to a Persian lamb back. A fuller A-line coat bifurcated a camo print up top with a raw-edged Persian lamb skirt. Speaking of which, the prints came from graffiti artist Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, whose drippy effects and text-image interplay counterbalanced the haute fabrications and will likely find an eager audience among men (who will finally be able to purchase the Gamme Rouge runway looks this fall). 

Both men and women, though, will appreciate the all-purpose accessories, namely a croc card case dangling from a coat strap, baseball-beanie hybrid caps, and thick-soled slip-on sneakers. All three details might have gone unnoticed had you been distracted by a mise-en-scène"






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Quinta-feira, 06.03.14

Trends Fall 2014 - Louis Vuitton

Brand: Louis Vuitton - Trends fall 2014

In the runaway was predominant the" caramel-colored collar, the new Petite Malle bag, a miniature LV trunk. The coat's flared A-line cut and abbreviated thigh-high hem was the show's predominant silhouette, but if that shape cued a 1960s vibe, the workmanship was 21st-century state of the art. You won't find a more luxurious coat than the black crocodile shown here, despite its industrial zip front, or a jacket as well made as the one he patchworked in different colored leathers."

Naturally, there were a lot of skins, a lot of suede, a lot of leather, and naturally Ghesquière used them in innovative ways. A pair of cool evening looks had molded leather bodices and knit skirts aswirl with hand-cut feathers. Skirts and dresses were squarely the focus, yet fans of Ghesquière's life-changing trousers could take heart at the sight of a high-waisted style into which he tucked a khaki jacket. In any case, there will be plenty of seasons for pants. This was a great beginning, understated but not without power, for Ghesquière and the new Louis Vuitton.

See some details of the trend:

























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